Veteran Service Organizations

Onboarding, advising and mentorship, communities, training, job placement, and alumni engagement, all on one platform

Demonstrate measurable impact to funders

With the wars winding down, funding is becoming more and more scarce. Fidelis’ platform automatically quantifies your impact, communicating outcomes like mentor connections established, goals met, learning objectives achieved, and job offers conferred. If your funders haven’t asked for this already, they’re sure to very soon.

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Connect veterans directly with hiring managers

Connect your organization with companies looking to hire veterans. Give hiring managers the tools to find your people and match them with openings.

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Help vets earn credentials and showcase their abilities to employers

Fidelis’ competency-based badging system allows vets to earn micro-credentials that showcase their skills to employers that are unfamiliar with military resumes.

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Grow and engage your community

Create a digital home where your staff, veterans, and other members of your community can connect and help each other succeed.

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All you need is an internet connection

Getting started is easy. Because we deliver our platform as a Software as a Service (Saas), there’s nothing to install, startup costs are miniscule, and you can be up and running in an hour.

Prices are reasonable

And several foundations have offered to support veterans' organizations with financing and mentoring. Just ask about financing.

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