Corporate Training

Your people are your most important asset. Equip them with the training, mentoring, and coaching they need to move your business forward.

recruiting, onboarding, advising and mentorship, communities, training, and alumni engagement, all on one platform

Build and deliver blended training courses to promote employee performance

At Fidelis, we've developed an online course platform similar to a MOOC. Except on our platform, you can package your courses and training into a professional development pathway complemented by professional coaching, mentoring, and credentialing.

Learning Apps  
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Simplify your onboarding process and get employees ready to contribute on day one

Fidelis makes it simple to develop and manage personalized training plans for each new employee. Use our platform to help your new people assess their strengths, define their individual goals, and connect with peers and mentors.

Personal Learning Plans  

Engage your employees and drive the bottom line

Fidelis’ tools make it possible to keep every single employee focused on growth and success. Our coaching and mentoring features will help you support your employees as they pursue crystal clear professional development plans.

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Streamline internal & external recruiting

Use our badging system to connect hiring managers with qualified internal candidates, and connect with other communities to gain access to talented students and alumni.

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All you need is an internet connection

Getting started is easy with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We can launch a pilot with any segment of your staff without doing any integration. Once we've established the case for full implementation, Fidelis' APIs make it simple to integrate our platform with your systems to take full advantage of the end-to-end experience.

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