Think Tanks

Fidelis' platform helps think tanks function like universities, but without the overhead

Admissions, advising and mentorship, learning communities, teaching, job placement, and alumni engagement, all on one platform

Publish and sell credentials

Think tanks have tremendous credibility when it comes to conferring micro-credentials because they have the expertise to assess knowledge. Their skills-based credentials and badges could become very important to employers and students. Fidelis makes it easy to build badge exams and to sell them internally to your network, or externally on Fidelis' Global App Marketplace.

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Create and sell courses

We think that think tanks can fix what's broken about lifelong learning. For many, university courses are too expensive, and MOOCs are too massive and open. Professionals need a place to take well-curated courses from experts in a community they feel connected to. You already distribute your research across your network. Fidelis’ platform will help you leverage that research into competency-based courses intended to build the skills and knowledge of your followers.

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Create a community

Educated people in the modern economy are thirsty for knowledge and connections. They go to conferences, speeches, and special events, all to satiate that need. We believe that think tanks can build membership organizations full of people who are happy to pay for a spot in a real community of experts and novices that are pursuing knowledge together.

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Charge employers to hire from your community

Many of your members are looking for opportunities to take their career to the next level. Fidelis makes it easy to connect employers to your members in a way that is good for the employer, good for the member, and produces revenue to fund your research.

Getting started is easy

We can launch a pilot with any segment of your staff without without doing any integration. Once we've established the case for full implementation, Fidelis' APIs make it simple to integrate our platform with your systems to take full advantage of the end-to-end experience.

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