In an age of decreasing resources, how can we strengthen our investment in students? The answer is to focus on the things that matter most: Purpose, Paths, and People . Here’s how LRM scales the key ingredients for success.

Set every student up for success from Day 1

Don’t just focus on preventing failure; actually prepare students to succeed. From the moment you admit a prospective student, show them that you’re committed to success by:

  • Matching them up with a coach
  • Defining the purpose for their education
  • Laying out a path to achieve it
Fidelis Mac Desktop
Fidelis Mac Desktop

Give every student their own board of advisors

A supported student is much more likely to be a successful student. In addition to your own advisors, LRM makes it easy for your students to build a network of:

  • Fellow students who share their passions
  • Alumni from similar backgrounds
  • Mentors in their desired professions

Help the students who need it most, when they need it most

Turn your advisors into superheroes by giving them x-ray vision into which students need their help in real-time. This includes:

  • Which students are struggling academically?
  • Which students are disconnected from the campus community?
  • Which students are on a path to dropout?
Fidelis Mac Desktop
Fidelis Mac Desktop

Prepare every student with the key skills not taught in class

Coursework is paramount but it’s not everything. A built-in content editor lets you develop bite-size lessons for students on how to succeed on campus and beyond. Borrow from our library or build your own - either way, you can instantly help all of your students with:

  • Making the most of their time on campus
  • Overcoming common student challenges
  • Choosing the right career path

Motivate every student to succeed beyond school

Students who see a clear path from college to career are more likely to persist in the face of challenge. So show your students a direct line to their dream jobs by:

  • Inviting them to connect with partner employers
  • Assessing and awarding badges for in-demand skills
  • Granting employers access to search for students with these skills
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