PhD programs

Fidelis' platform gives PhD programs a comprehensive set of tools to build custom learning experiences for each and every student

Admissions, advising and mentorship, learning communities, teaching, job placement, and alumni engagement, all on one platform

Simplify the job of advisors

Fidelis' tool kit for advisors is intuitive and enables a deep and consistent relationship between PhD candidates, their faculty/dissertation advisor, and their team of mentors. This collaborative team approach reduces the burden on the advisor, enabling them to advise more candidates without increasing their workload.

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Propel candidates with robust learning networks

Your research and learning communities fuel the value of your PhD program. Fidelis can digitize those communities in order to facilitate introductions, increase learning opportunities, and provide candidates with new pathways for success.

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Formalize connections to industry

Fidelis' platform simplifies the process of connecting learning communities together to make them more productive. By partnering with complementary learning communities like think tanks, government organizations, and private research groups, you can give your candidates greater access to learning resources and opportunities to enable more effective research.

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Facilitate cross­-disciplinary collaboration

Supporting cross­-disciplinary collaboration amongst every department can be very difficult. Fidelis allows your candidates to join multiple learning communities and recruit mentors across disciplines, making collaboration simple and effective.

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Getting started is easy

We can launch a pilot with any segment of your staff without doing any integration. Once we've established the case for full implementation, Fidelis' APIs make it simple to integrate our platform with your systems to take full advantage of the end-to-end experience.

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