Learning App Overview
Learning Relationship Manager

A brief introduction to the platform for students and staff.


We think the market of LMSs and MOOCs is crowded because many think that if you build a good enough course, students will learn. In our view though, learning is a fundamentally goal-oriented social endeavor where -- with the right motivation, mentoring, coaching and community -- a decent library and internet connection are enough for most students to learn. So the focus of our platform is primarily on outcomes and learning relationships.

That being said, our customers need good, simple tools with which to build classes. So that's what we've developed. With an emphasis on simplicity, Fidelis's learning app authoring tools are template-based and take only 2-3 minutes to get started building.

We call courses on Fidelis's platform learning apps to signify that they don't have to be traditional classes. They can be anything from a 5 minute tutorial to a 500 hour degree. Most customers build learning apps to cover specific topics in depth, then modularly assemble apps into courses and learning plans.

Learning App Marketplace

To avoid reinventing perfectly good wheels, Fidelis has developed a way for learning communities to both share and sell their courses to members of other learning communities and to other communities directly.

Fidelis Core Apps  
Fidelis Mac Desktop

Badges vs Apps

Learning Apps are formative learning experiences. Students don't earn badges for completion. Badges instead are conferred by learning communities for mastery according to standards.

Badge exams can include all the assessment tools available in learning apps. But unlike Apps, they are purely summative assessments -- with no intent to teach, just to determine what a student knows and what they can do.

Fidelis Mac Desktop

Engagement Questions
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Free response
Fidelis Mac Desktop

Rich-Media Content Templates

We've tried to be exhaustive in providing customers with simple but powerful tools for rendering content for their members. If you need a template that you don't see, just ask, we've either got it ready now, are building it, or will build it on demand.

Compelling Assessment Tools

Assessment, whether formative or summative, is the core of engagement. Fidelis's platform brings together best-in-class assessment tools into easy to learn templates.

Objective Style Questions

Objective questions can be used both in assessments and to quickcheck understanding during the delivery of content

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    Multiple Choice - Single Answer
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    Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer
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    Ambiguous Multiple Choice with Defense
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    True or False
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    Re-Order List
Engagement Questions

Free response questions can be answered on the platform, via video capture, or via an uploaded document in projects

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    Free Response - Self Assessed
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    Free Response - Peer Assessed
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    Free Response - Mentor Assessed
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    Free Response - Instructor Assessed

Questions can be delivered individually to enhance content or can be organized into coursework.

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    Problem Sets
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Fidelis Mac Desktop

Live Sessions

Most of our customers have a live session solution that they like to use. So we've built our product to be agnostic as to the underlying technology. It's simple to use all of the following within Fidelis's learning Apps.

Thoughtful Moderation/Facilitation Workflow

  1. Rapid task manager and grading UI
  2. Single activity stream for teaching multiple apps
  3. Analytical tools to track and drive student engagement
Fidelis Mac Desktop
Fidelis Mac Desktop

Social Engagement

Fidelis supports all kinds of social interactions around learning content.

  1. Mentor interaction
  2. Peer interaction
  3. Discussion questions & forums
  4. Social publication of accomplishments
  5. Group assignments
  6. Long-term learning team formation

Getting started is easy

We can launch a pilot with any segment of your organization without doing any integration work. Once we've established the case for full implementation, Fidelis's APIs make it simple to integrate our platform with your systems to take full advantage of the end-to-end experience.

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