Student Success Platform
Learning Relationship Management (LRM)

Software for coordinating out-of-class student success support services.

Students are more successful when they have clear goals and mentors, when they are proactively advised, and engage in communities. They're more motivated to succeed when they have a strong plan to pursue a meaningful purpose for their education, life and career. Fidelis’ LRM allows you to centrally ensure that every single student builds these assets to maximize the value they get from their education. And when students get more value, schools do too via increased conversion, retention, and performance.

Most schools offer a wide range of support services 

but sometimes less is more. 

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Fidelis makes these support services more intuitive for staff and more discoverable for students.

Mentoring &

  • -Peer Mentoring
  • -Professional Mentoring
  • -Faculty Mentoring
  • -Enrollment Advising
  • -Success Coaching
  • -Academic Advising
  • -Career Advising


  • -Tutoring
  • -Supplemental Ed.
  • -Remedial Ed.
  • -Micro credentialing

Social / Emotional

  • -Self-awareness
  • -Decision Making
  • -Relationship Skills
Just-in-Time Content


  • -Cohort Mgmt
  • -Club Mgmt
  • -Department Mgmt
  • -Employer Relations
  • -Alumni Engagement

How it works 


Our consultants guide your team through a customized process of discovery, design and capacity-building to cut through initiative fatigue and to create alignment necessary for success.


When the time is right to scale out-of-class support, you’ll need software. Ours is immersive, painstakingly designed and uses concepts familiar to students from the consumer web. 

  • - Mobile ready

  • - Simple to use

  • - Integration with LMS & SIS

  • - Powerful workflow tools for staff
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.38.15 PM.png