Introducing Learning Relationship Management (LRM)

The world’s first technology built on the DNA of the most successful people - so you can bring those same traits to all of your students.


Successful people have clear goals for their educations. LRM helps students set goals and identifies those without an objective.


Successful people have a concrete plan to achieve their goals. Students can establish their plans and track their progress on LRM.


Successful people surround themselves with coaches and mentors. Students can communicate with their coach and find a mentor via LRM.

When your students succeed, your institution succeeds

  • LRM for Conversion


    Admitted students with a clear purpose and path are more likely to enroll

  • LRM for Attrition


    Students with strong goals, plans, and support rarely drop out

  • LRM for Placement


    Alumni with industry mentors have an edge on the perfect opportunity

Tens of thousands of students succeed with LRM

"Most colleges would say that the student has always been central to their efforts, but I am not sure that any of us had as clear a way to demonstrate that to students. LRM helps us show students that they take center stage."

Caroline Simpson
VP of Student Services  

"Learning relationship management is an emerging category that has the potential to solve critical problems–attrition, skills gap, and powering lifelong learning."

Tom Vander Ark
Founder and CEO  

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