This is where learning technology is going

It’s not SIS | It’s not LMS

It’s Learning Relationship Management (LRM)

Software as a Service | Mentoring | Coaching | Competency-Based | Personalized Learning

Learning technologies have always been reactive, focusing on inputs rather than outputs, on preventing failure, rather than causing success.

#LRM is different.

#LRM proactively helps you set up every student and employee to achieve their personal best by giving you a scalable way to ensure that they have:

  • 1. A clear & motivating purpose

  • 2. A direct pathway of content and credentials

  • 3. A support network of mentors, coaches, and community


LRM combines a high-touch advising CRM with a competency-based LMS, wrapped in a community-facilitated mentoring network

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More than 180,000 user seats


What customers are saying

  • Caroline Simpson
    Most colleges would say that the student has always been central to their efforts, but I am not sure that any of us had as clear a way to demonstrate that to students. LRM helps us show students that they take center stage.
    Caroline Simpson, VP of Student Services
  • Tom Vander Ark
    Learning relationship management is an emerging category that has the potential to solve critical problems–attrition, skills gap, and powering lifelong learning.
    Tom Vander Ark, Founder and CEO
    Getting Smart
  • Tammi Cooper
    Your product has the potential to really revolutionize how institutions think about education. So many schools are just beginning to consider how they could offer a full CBE program like we are working on.
    Tammi Cooper, Ph.D. Associate Provost
  • Alisa
    The biggest change for the coaches since introducing LRM is the type of conversations that are held with the students. The coaches have been able to move away from the ‘process’ and focus on the student’s goals and needs. This may sound simple, but it has made a huge a positive impact. Not only do our students love the individual attention, but it also empowers the coaches.
    Alisa Kerns, Admissions + Student Services
  • Brian Fleming
    LRM is "a movement any institution serious about academic innovation should join."
    Brian Fleming, Senior Analyst

LRM focuses on building these assets
for every student and employee

Micro-Credentials (Badges)


"When you adopt a tool you adopt the management philosophy embedded in that tool" - Shirky

LRM’s philosophy goes well beyond the deficit mindset that has dominated retention efforts at colleges and companies. Rather than just trying to respond when people struggle, LRM helps you set people up for great outcomes by building assets. LRM believes that people learn best from, with, and in context of people who are invested in them and their success. We don’t think you can automate caring -- and why would you want to. So the technology focuses on enhancing and amplifying the efforts of mentors, advisors, and communities - not replacing those efforts with autobots.

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