Fidelis's SaaS platform provides organizations with a comprehensive set of online tools for personalized learning

Admissions, advising and mentorship, learning communities, teaching, job placement, and alumni engagement, all on one platform

People learn the most when they are in a trusted community of learners guided by a coach and network of mentors, when their long-term objectives for their education are clear and important, and when they have a personalized plan to help them learn the content, and to build both the capabilities and the credentials needed to access opportunities. Fidelis's technology brings together the tools to make that happen, for every single student, on one easy to use platform.

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Every feature on the platform is built to ensure students are engaged and get as much value as possible from their efforts

And when learners get more value, their institutions benefit

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  • • Reduce attrition
  • • Enroll more students
  • • Increase employability
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Companies   Arrow
  • • Boost employee performance
  • • Retain top performers
  • • Grow talent from within
Military Organizations Icon Military Organizations  Arrow
  • • Improve readiness
  • • Boost morale
  • • Facilitate military-civillian transition
Community Colleges Icon Community Colleges  Arrow
  • • Fix retention
  • • Engage employers 
  • • Facilitate remediation at scale
Veterans Organizations Icon Veterans Organizations  Arrow
  • • Improve reporting to funders
  • • Enhance services with coaching & mentoring
  • • Grow your support community

Integrating eight point solutions is nearly impossible

Fidelis makes it simple to deliver all these services on one platform

Coaching, Mentoring, Communities, Personal Learning Plans, Lessons, Badges, Employer Connections, Alumni Engagement.

Getting started is easy

Fidelis delivers its software as a service (SaaS), facilitating rapid adoption, low initial costs, and painless upgrades. We can launch a pilot with any group of your staff and students without doing any integration. Once we’ve established the case for full implementation, Fidelis’s APIs make it simple to integrate our platform with your systems to take full advantage of the end-to-end experience.

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