LRM brings purpose and relationships to learning

Learning relationships are hard to manage
Fidelis makes it easy

Fidelis' patent-pending LRM gives learning organizations a way to make sure that every learner has what they need to succeed. Relationships are essential to learning, but current EdTech doesn't support them. LMSs, SISs, and HR systems treat learning as a series of transactions between teachers, content, and students. LRM fills this gap, organizing mentors, coaches, peers, faculty and staff around the goals of every learner, every time.

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LRM is game­-changing for the most important learning outcomes.

Conversion from
acceptance to start

Drop out and

Placement and

The skills gap &

LRM pays for itself in 2-6 months

Fidelis' LRM naturally integrates with core learning systems

Learning Lifecycle

Use LRM not CRM

CRM doesn't work for learning relationships.

Because Customer Relationship Management software is built for sales, it treats people like passive contacts to be acted upon. But learning is active, not passive and the learner herself is the primary player taking action. Fidelis's LRM recognizes this and puts the student in the center of her own education.

LRM is open to instructors, advisors, the students own support network and others throughout the organization. It allows everyone that the student invites to collaborate, track interventions, and support student engagement and success.

No matter the type of organization, LRM can help.

Schools, colleges and companies trust
their learning relationships to Fidelis' LRM.

All you need is an
internet connection

Getting started is easy. Because we deliver our platform as a Software as a Service (Saas), there's nothing to install, startup costs are miniscule, and you can be up and running a pilot in an hour.

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