Fidelis' LRM gives you the ability to ensure that each learner has the content, mentors, credentials and connections they need to reach their goals (LRM)

It's Software as a Service (SAAS) so it's simple to try

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LRM fills a void in the current education technology market

Relationships are essential to effective learning, but they are strangely absent from most learning technology.

LRM provides a simple way to organize complex learning relationships between people (learners, teachers, coaches and mentors) organizations (learning communities, companies, schools) and content (courses, goals, and credentials).

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LRM helps ensure that each learner has exactly what they need to succeed

Without LRM, organizations must depend on serendipity and hope that each person learns what they need, has good mentors, has a solid long­-term plan, and builds appropriate connections. LRM takes out the guess work, directly mapping each individuals' needs and lining up resources to provide for them.

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Fidelis' LRM naturally integrates with core learning systems

Learning Lifecycle

The LRM is a game­-changing invention that gives you the power to solve the biggest problems in education

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Acceptance to start
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LRM for Placement

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LRM for Skills Gap

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CRM is built to drive sales -- not learning.

Because of its purpose, CRM treats learners like passive contacts to be acted upon. But learning is active, not passive and the learner herself is the primary player taking action. Fidelis's LRM recognizes this and puts the student in the center of her own education.

LRM is open to instructors, advisors, the students own support network and others throughout the organization. It allows everyone that the student invites to collaborate, track interventions, and support student engagement and success.

Fidelis's LRM includes a comprehensive set of tools for
end­-to-­end student support

Admissions, advising and mentorship, learning communities, teaching, job placement, and alumni engagement, all on one platform

No matter the type of organization,
if learning matters to your success, you need LRM

Schools, colleges and companies trust
their learning relationships to Fidelis' LRM.

ASU Online
Edu Strategy Group
Bryan University
Digital Harbor Foundation
Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation
Lipscomb University
The Rewired Group
uncollege Gap Year

All you need is an
internet connection

Getting started is easy. Because we deliver our platform as a Software as a Service (Saas), there's nothing to install, startup costs are miniscule, and you can be up and running a pilot in an hour.

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